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    Residential Electrician

    Residential Electrician

    We can replace your electrical panel in no time.

    Commercial Electrician

    Commercial Electrician

    Hire us to rewire your commercial facility.

    Industrial Electrician

    Industrial Electrician

    We replace outdated lighting and faulty electrical lines.

    Discover the Benefits of LED Lighting

    We Service in Weber, David and Morgan Counties

    Need Electrical Service Assistance?

    Make sure you hire an experienced electrician in South Weber, Ogden & Davis County, UT

    Don't make the mistake of hiring a subpar electrician. Stanger Electric provides residential, commercial and industrial electrical services in the South Weber, Ogden & Davis County, UT areas.

    If your circuit breaker trips frequently or your lights aren't working properly, we can help. We have the tools and experience needed to handle a wide variety of electrical system installation and repair jobs. We can troubleshoot your electrical system, locate any issues and make the necessary repairs on the spot.

    Call 801-394-3481 now to speak with a knowledgeable electrician and schedule electrical services. We believe there are only two kinds of electrical customers-those who hire us to work on their electrical systems, and those who wish they had.

    5 kinds of electrical services we offer

    Are you looking for full-service electrical contractors? Look no further. Stanger Electric offers electrical services in South Weber, Ogden & Davis County, UT.

    You can count on us to:

    1. Upgrade your electrical panel
    2. Rewire your 山东福利彩票彩乐乐 or business
    3. Install LED lighting
    4. Complete your energy audit
    5. Perform maintenance on your electrical system

    Contact us today to arrange for emergency electrical services. Our electrical contractors are available 24/7.

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